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  • Sold in 5 Litres & 25 Litres
  • Reduces and delays the onset of brittleness in asphalt thus prolonging its life
  • Helps prevent cracking, stone loss and eventual failure
  • Reverses the effects of asphalt oxidation
  • Replaces mineral oils lost through weathering
  • Revives colour
  • Improves flexibility
  • Standardises the appearance of different adjacent surfacing treatments
  • Penetrates deeply
  • Stays active for years
  • Easy to apply by roller or spray
  • Quick drying

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Product Overview
Technical & Application Details

What is Renuphalt - Overview?

Renuphalt is a preservative and restorer which is proven to slow the ageing and deterioration of an asphalt/bituminous paved surface, to restore its appearance and to prolong its effective life. With a unique formulation using advanced polymer science, Renuphalt is aimed at the highway authority, commercial and domestic user.

Renuphalt reduces water ingress, slows the ageing process and restores colour. In addition, fine inorganic fillers are incorporated in order to fill minor defects and to enhance the surface finish.

Where can Renuphalt be used?

Renuphalt can be used on all sound, resin and bitumen based substrates. It is easy to apply, is quick drying and provides substantial benefits in extending the life of the asphalt and reviving its properties.

Specific areas of use include bitumen based substrates on: Roads, Footpaths/sidewalks, Cycleways, Private roads and driveways, Car parks, School playgrounds and Sports courts.



Renuphalt can be applied by roller or spray using suitable equipment. Expect to apply at a rate of 5-10m²/ litre depending on the surface texture, porosity, age and the condition of the existing asphalt substrate.

Renuphalt should not be thinned as this will be detrimental to its performance and may soften the asphalt substrate.

Tools and equipment can be cleaned using Adbruf Cleaning Solvent.

Renuphalt should be touch dry after 60 minutes. Ensure that the treated area has fully dried prior to returning the surface to full use.


Renuphalt contains petroleum fractions and additional polymer constituents which have been carefully selected to achieve the maximum penetration into the asphalt substrate and to preserve it by the replacement of key components lost through the ageing process.

Renuphalt reduces water ingress, slows the ageing process whilst also restoring the colour. In addition, fine inorganic fillers are incorporated in order to fill minor defects, enhance the surface finish and help to improve skid resistance.

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