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  • Sold in 25 litre drums
  • Bitex Clear is virtually colourless
  • Bitex Black offers extra contrast against light coloured surfaces
  • Superior adhesion enhancement
  • Ready to use - no mixing required
  • Fast drying
  • Easy to apply

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Product Overview
Technical & Application Details

What is Bitex - Overview?

Bitex is a liquid solvent-based primer that can be applied to to worn asphalt or concrete to improve the bonding of thermoplastic road markings and hot-applied 'anti-skid' or coloured surfacing materials prior to application.

Where can Bitex be used?

Bitex is used to improve the adhesion of thermoplastic materials and hot-applied 'anti-skid' or coloured surfacing materials to concrete, worn asphalt or other bituminous surfaces.


Prior to a Bitex application ensure that the substrate is clean, dry, dust and contamination free. A Bitex application can be carried out using a brush, roller or by spray. Never pour Bitex directly to the substrate but ensure the entire installation area is covered with a thin layer of Bitex primer and leave to dry thoroughly prior to the application of thermoplastic materials.


Bitex is a solvent-based liquid primer that is sold in 25 litre drums and is available in black or clear variants. One drum of Bitex will approximately cover 300m2 at a wet film thickness of between 66 -83 microns. Bitex has a low viscosity that facilitates deep penetration into substrates.

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