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Primer C
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Primer C


  • Sold in 5 litre cans
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Low cost
  • Good coverage
  • Flexible
  • Fast drying
  • Easy to apply

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Product Overview
Technical & Application Details

What is Primer C - Overview?

Primer C is a general purpose liquid primer and sealer for normally encountered surfaces such as concrete, paviors, bricks, timber and MDF.  Primer C ensures a good bond between the surface and the material that is to be overlaid typically resin bonded or coloured coatings.

Where can Primer C be used?

Primer C is used to ensure a strong bond between the existing surface and the resin bonded or colour coating that is to be applied. It's ideal for use on most commonly encountered surfaces paviors, concrete, timber, bricks and MDF. Primer C can be used as both a primer to improve the bond or as a sealer on friable substrates to consolidate the surface making it less porous, ensuring that less of the overlayment product is used, which offers many cost advantages.


Primer C is applied by either brush or roller, spray is not advised. Spread out a thin coat of Primer C over the entire application area, ensuring an even coat is achieved. A second coat must be applied before the first coat has been allowed to cure. The Primer C is then left to cure in preparation of the overlayment product. Equipment must be cleaned directly after use of Primer C.


Primer C is a moisture cure polyurethane primer, that is sold in 5 litre cans. It is flexible and has excellent adhesion to most typical substrates. A can will approximately cover 75m2.

Primer C is a Light brown, transparent, low viscosity liquid.

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