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Void Filler


  • Sold in 25kg packs
  • Regulates and standardises the substrate onto which resin bonded surfacing is to be applied
  • Binds and seals open-textured substrates
  • Can be used to smooth, rough tamped concrete and textured asphalt
  • Strong - 30N/mm² can be achieved when fully cured
  • Rapid curing materials are available
  • Cost-effective
  • Suitable for asphalt, macadam and concrete surfaces and substrates
  • Supplied in kit form - no guesswork over quantities to be dosed
  • Excellent adhesion to most prepared surfaces

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Product Overview
Technical & Application Details

What is Void Filler - Overview?

Void Filler is cement based filling system that is used to regulate an uneven substrate in preparation for the application of a resin bonded paving system. It has been produced to be strong, have good adhesion and be easy to apply to most commonly encountered surfaces.

Where can Void Filler be used?

All commonly encountered surfaces and substrates such as asphalt and concrete. These substrates are often not smooth which is referred to as having a surface texture. The degree of surface texture can be measured as 'texture depth' using the standard sand patch test.

To achieve a successful resin bonded aggregate surfacing installation a flat, relatively smooth surface is required. If a surface is not smooth, the applied resin will sink into the undulations of the surface, leaving insufficient resin available to bond the aggregate in position. This could cause an unsuccessful resin bonded aggregate surfacing installation. The other impact that the uneven surface will have when installing a resin bonded aggregate surfacing system is the increased amount of resin that will be required. It is to be expected that every 1 mm of surface texture depth will require an additional 1 litre of resin per square metre just to bring the resin level so that it can achieve a good bond with the aggregate. This will dramatically affect the cost of installation a resin bonded aggregate surfacing system becausesignificantly more resin will be used.

By using Void Filler to bring the surface level, not only will it enable the resin bonded aggregate surfacing system to be correctly installed with good adhesion, but the cost will be predictable and controllable.


Application is straightforward, first shake the base container pack A several times to ensure the powder has not separated, then pour the liquid component pack B into the base container and mix thoroughly for several minutes using a drill and paddle. Pour the resultant mix on to the substrate. Next use a flat bladed squeegee to spread the Void Filler over the uneven surface ensuring the negative texture is filled. We recommend finally sweeping the void filled surface with a stiff broom to give it a slight texture ideal for the resin to adhere to when installing a resin bonded system. The new even surface is left to cure.

The substrate must be clean, contamination and dust free prior to a Void Filler application.


Technical -

Indicative cure times at the following temperatures (this will depend upon humidity and other factors):

Cure Time

3 hours at 21°C

5 hours at 10°C

10 hours at 5°C

Compressive Strength

Minimum 30 Nmm¯² at 28 Days

Specific Gravity (SG)

(grade dependent) = 2.0

Spread Rates -

For a 25 kg Pack, spread rates will be approximately

Texture Depth as measured (mm)







Area covered per pack (m²)







Void Filler is supplied as a 25kg cold applied two component pack, consisting of a powder base (Pack A) and a liquid additive (Pack B). It has been developed as a polymer modified cementitious void filler and surface regulator.

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